Wednesday, November 28, 2007


CEAUSSIC Report to AAA Executive Board

The AAA Executive Board received the report of the Ad Hoc Commission on the Engagement of Anthropology with Security and Intelligence Communities on November 28th at the American Anthropological Association's 106th Annual Meeting in Washington DC.

Two years ago, a Commission on the Engagement of Anthropology with the US Security and Intelligence Communities (“Commission”) was formed to advise the American Anthropological Association (AAA) Executive Board by providing information and/or recommendations on the following: (1)The varied roles that practitioners and scholars of anthropology currently assume within intelligence and national security entities (2)The state of AAA’s existing guidelines and guidance on the involvement of anthropologists in intelligence/national security-related activities (3)The key ethical, methodological, and practical/political challenges faced by the discipline and the AAA in its current and future engagement in intelligence/national security.

Recent military action in the Middle East has proven to be highly controversial; anthropologists have strong opinions about the conflict because of the military’s “human terrain systems (HTS)” program, which includes anthropologists assisting the military in a number of functions, which is currently in use in Iraq and Afghanistan.

To facilitate discussion on this subject, the Executive Board of the AAA has created this blog as a forum to post comments regarding the Commission’s report and related issues.

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